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Waiting for 200GB to transfer

That schooling thing didn't happen. Instead it seems I've been working part-time for 1.5 years now. Can't seem to work more as I run out of energy very quickly. My off days are complete garbage and chaos. Not sleeping, only sleeping, not eating, maybe drinking. Place is completely chaos. Fuck I dunno what to do next. I'm up for review with disability. I'll die if I loose it. I'll personally loose it. I really can't deal with this. Fuck fuck fuck this shit.

2017/04/22 17:10

I like to paint my bicycle

Spent a month in CAMH getting my shit together. I learned what motivates me. Now that I'm out and on my own, I've fallen back into old habits. Isolation. Not sleeping. Not eating. Bad hygiene. For a month I went into a bad depression. Coming to the end I decided to make a drastic change. Applied for school. I won't hear anything back for months, so in the mean time I have to engage myself with activities that make me feel good. One thing is exercise which has been lacking since last summer. Rarely do I go roller skating any more. If I do my lungs fill with fire, my body aches for days. So sad. I have to cut out smoking, but I'm having an extremely difficult time, even though I vape as well.

Found a bike frame closer to my size 20 inch, in the garbage. I should be using at least a 22 inch frame. This will do. Swapped a bunch of parts around from the last time I tried to build a bike on a 18 inch frame. With that I went nuts painting it. Originally it was going to be a dark blue matte, with pink and silver highlights, call it the Flying Pig, and put Pig graphics on it. The store didn't have the colours I wanted, so like always I fall back on the Rollergettes colour scheme. Purple, White, and Green. I couldn't be more happier with how it turned out. Admittedly the colours are brighter that usual. The purple sometimes looks like blue when photographed, the lime green looks like yellow at times. Ah, it is what it is.

Now I just have to run new cables, and tune the bike. Not bad for $20 in paint, and a couple days work. The grip shifters will be ditched down the road for clickers. I hate grip shifts. Progress pics below.

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2015/08/12 05:45

Will I ditch Grav for DokuWiki as a Blogging platform?

So I've been up all day and night editing configs and learning new tricks with i3wm on the HTPC. Along the way I've been documenting the dotfiles and scripts in DokuWiki right here. After flipping through many plugins, and various Google searches, I've learned you can use DokuWiki as blogging platform too. This is really great! Since I really like the how DokuWiki works. Everything is right there at my fingertips with excellent documentation and community support.

So this is my first post using the blogging setup outlined here (method 1).

Already seeing some problems, like entry options or double creation time below posts, but that should be worked out soon enough. Fixed it, I was putting beginning variable in the wrong namespace.

I think it would be cool to make a theme that takes cues from Grav.

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2015/07/05 10:09

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